Geotechnical Engineering

Since 2009, we gained extensive experience working in WCSB, US and all over the globe. Our recent projects include complex studies in Arctic, Gulf of Mexico and North Atlantic.

High Resolution Seismic Surveys for geohazard identification like gas pockets, paleochannels, geological dislocations, gas-hydrates

Bathymetry survey (echo-sounding) for design, construction and installation of subsea pipelines and other offshore facilities

Side Scan Sonar survey for mapping of various types of seabed environments and detection of geohazards for designed or installed offshore facilities

Seismo-acoustic (subbottom) profiling to 30-50 meters below seabed surface (Pinger, Sparker, Boomer) for lithological and stratigraphic studies of soils and their physical and mechanical properties

High-resolution Magnetometry survey for ship wrecks and ferrous objects detection on seabed