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Webinar: New Asset Development Workflow for Frac Design and Well Performance Prediction

Subsurface Dynamics is an independent engineering and geoscience consulting firm with extensive experience in reservoir characterization, modeling and simulation.  We provide a full spectrum of engineering and geophysical services from data acquisition to final data integration and full field development programs.

After successfully applying FBA to over 2000 wells in different basins, SSD observes a strong correlation between generated Fracture Area (SRV) vs Effective Stress and FBA-derived Linear Flow Parameter vs Initial Production.

By developing and combining these correlations, we can effectively predict well performance and identify the appropriate asset and location specific completion design. The detailed approach is described in SPE-212987 and SPE-217759.

The result of this work will be a Development Playbook that will allow completion, reservoir, and exploitation teams to predict well performance and the required completion design to achieve target production.

We would like to invite Operators to participate in an industry-wide study. An example of some of the key deliverables from SPE-217759 are provided below. The asset is a prolific volatile oil play and a total of 140 wells from various area operators are included in the correlations and reservoir quality map.


1. Overview of Proposed Workflow

• Objectives

• How we do it

• Benefits and use cases

2. Application of Workflow in a Prolific Volatile Oil Play

• Mapping reservoir quality using FBA

• Correlation development and application o Fracture Area (SRV) vs Effective Stress

• FBA-derived Linear Flow Parameter vs Initial Production

3. Overview of Industry Study

• Goals

• Deliverables

• Data requirements

• Timeline

• Technical team and Advisors

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