Augmented Assisted Forecasting, Enhanced Full-cycle Economics

Have you ever wished that you had another member on your team or more hours in the day? At Subsurface Dynamics we know this is a common theme in every organization, which is why we developed a new generation of innovative, cloud-based solutions focused on full automation and integration. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel – we are trying to make engineers’ work faster and easier by making our platform do the work.

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Subsurface Dynamics is an independent engineering and technology development firm. Our main focus is automation, software development, and integrated engineering studies. We have combined over 250 years of industry experience in one streamlined platform: ATHENA.

ATHENA is a fully-automated, cloud-based production forecasting, economics, and field surveillance solution that has been specifically developed to improve efficiency in daily engineering workflows. The platform is seamlessly integrated with Petro Ninja and SCADA for easy access to public/private production, completion data, and commodity price forecasts. As an added benefit, evaluations results can be exported with a single button click to allow efficient integration with other workflows.

We are focused on full automation and integration, that’s why we’ve combined the best science and engineering approaches with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to deliver the best possible product. Our tools are cloud-based, which means that you can access your projects from anywhere in the world and on any device.

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Real-time Monitoring, Multi-segment Forecasting, and Completions Data Integration and Normalization

Through our collaboration with Petro Ninja, we can bring your data from the wellhead to your desktop in real time! That means no more data wrangling, internal infrastructure or preconditioning to perform your forecasts. Our goal is to make the engineer’s life easier.

  • Data-driven results and Competitive Insights
  • Completions Data integration and Normalization
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Multi-segment forecasting
  • Full SCADA Integration
  • Generate type curves, wells, and group wells
  • Automation to Minimize Human Errors
  • Fully Cloud-based Platform
  • Scalable, Distributed Architecture
  • Collaboration and integration with Petro Ninja
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Augmented Full-cycle Forecasting with Enhanced Economics and Improved Accuracy

We automated your workflow, but did not sacrifice on physics or math! That’s why we’ve implemented a real-time probabilistic model utilizing our proprietary algorithm to deliver reliable results in seconds.

  • Improved accuracy and robust algorithm
  • Forward-looking and full-cycle economics on all types of commodities
  • Economics forecasts on wells, type curves, or group wells
  • Integrated commodity price forecasts via leading reserve evaluations firm
  • Cross-platform Integration
  • Industry Collaboration

Efficient Collaboration — No Training Required Via Automated Functionality, Optimized Interface, and Intuitive User Experience

Whether you’re working with one well or thousands, we’ve got you covered! Create, manage, and quickly switch between projects and well lists to explore scenarios and compare production and economic forecasts.

  • Seamless User Experience
  • Optimized Interface
  • Automated Functionality
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Large Data Set Capacity
  • Multi-Project Management
  • Save and Share via Cloud
  • Accessible Team Collaboration
  • Interactive widgets for fine-tuning
  • Improved Data Visualization
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We constantly work on implementing new features and improving your experience, so check back frequently to see what’s new! But here’s an overview of what’s new with the latest version of our software — ATHENA V2.0

  • Augmented assisted forecasting and full-cycle economics
  • Fully-automated, multi-segment forecasting on multiple product streams
  • Seamless price decks integration
  • Enhanced insights into the performance of secondary products
  • Eliminates potential issues that can arise from forecasting secondary products on ratios
  • Develop type-curves and consolidated group wells for Critical components of multiple key aspects of operations
    • Reserves
    • Planning/Capital budgeting
    • Month-end/year-end
    • Development planning
    • Production monitoring and optimization
  • Completions normalization
  • Seamlessly share projects and reports
  • SCADA and accounting data integration
  • Automated field surveillance and reporting
  • Improved operational performance, reduced man-power requirements and cost savings
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    Visit our product landing page to discover more about ATHENA, request a free demo or quote, and discuss with us the many ways we can work together

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