Reservoir Characterization

Since 2009, we have gained extensive experience working in the WCSB, US and all over the globe. Our recent projects include complex studies in the Unconventional and Conventional plays in North America and worldwide. We have accumulated an outstanding knowledge library performing multidisciplinary studies combined with data acquisition and integration.

Basin and Regional Studies, Interpretation and Mapping of Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs, Depositional Environments, Facies Description and Distribution

Borehole Data Interpretation, Petrophysical Modeling and Formation Evaluation, Areal Cross Correlation and Reserves Estimation

Sophisticated 3D Geological Modelling, Basin Modelling, Discrete and Continuous Fracture Network Modeling

Seismic Attribute Analysis and Interpretation, Fracture Network Interpretation, Seismic Facies, Seismically Derived Reservoir Properties

Geomechanical Properties Estimation from Borehole and Seismic Data, Pre Drilling Risk Assessment, Geomechanical Properties Modeling for Stimulation Optimization Workflow

Geological, Geophysical and Petrophysical Models Evaluation and Auditing