Alberta Gov Carbon Sequestration Tenure Mngmt second round advances Vault44.01 CCS Hub Full Project Proposals

Congratulations to the Team at @Vault44.01 for being selected by the Government of Alberta to advance both of their CCS Hub Full Project Proposals in the second round of the Carbon Sequestration Tenure Management. @Vault had secured 2 of the 19 selections in the second round of the call and will now proceed to the detailed subsurface evaluation and testing phase of the project.

@SSD worked closely with Vault during the application and technical assessment process and looks forward to participating in their future success in the developing industry.

As the world transitions to a greener future, SSD is standing at the forefront of it! Please reach out to our team at [email protected] to learn more about our innovative approach and how we can help to improve your economics and sustainability.

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